Alfred Jaryan Jr


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist MA, LMFT


My name is Alfred C. Jaryan MA, LMFT. Welcome to the therapeutic mental health healing journey with me at Fuller Living & Associates. I am trauma focused therapist who utilizes a Curious, Compassionate, and creative approach to integrating healing strategies in mental health therapy. My therapeutic approach focused on self-experiencing tools to support my patients in overcoming the source of their traumas, depression, anxiety. Also, other mental health struggles in the world. My therapeutic practice driven by the beliefs that there are no mental health struggles. Without first going through challenges in life. For this reason, I approach therapy with my patient from a developmental healing perspective, cognitive mental guidance integrated with healthy living skills. In therapy, facilitate the session in ethical, safe, confidential, and respectful interaction patterns. Utilizing my professional transitioning and authentic life experiences to help support my patient heal from inside-out. Instead of outside-inside. We cannot always control what happens to us in the world. However, we will always have the power to decide how we want to face and deal with the declaims or problems that walk into your life. My purpose in therapy session is to engage with full authenticity, confidentiality, safety, and learning experience in valuing all diverse Individuals and collaborative processes throughout the journey. I will also implement a client-centered and motivational interviewing approach to help my clients maintain therapeutic success in the community. I have a history of providing individual, play, group, and family therapy to a diverse clientele in an intensive inpatient/outpatient co-occurring mental health and chemical dependency treatment center, and in Schools, Communities, and private practice agencies. I also have experience collaborating with clients who have experienced multiple severity levels of traumas, depressive and anxiety symptoms, and struggles with addictions. Historically, I provided mental health services to a diverse group of Individual, Family system, Couples, and children in the environment. I have also worked in school and have experience working as a mental health therapist for three years in a chemical dependency substance abuse setting. With a heavy focused on addiction and recovery in the environment.

Argosy University-Twin Cities, MN, Master of Arts, Marriage, and Family Therapy. St. Olaf College Northfield, MN, 55057 Bachelor of Social Work (BSW).