Liz Hammer






       I am a wife and a mother of four adult children and hold a master’s degree in marriage, couple, and family counseling from Adler Graduate School. I will use my gifts of empathy, intuition, curiosity, and wisdom to collaborate with clients using a holistic approach to therapy that involves mind, body, and spirit. My approach is primarily based in Adlerian, Solution-Focused, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with the goal to use the best approach for the client. One of the basic principles of Adlerian theory is the view that people who have mental health issues are not suffering from an “illness” but are suffering from discouragement. My passion is to bring healing to people who have been through stressful experiences and help them strengthen their relationships, find a healthy view of themselves, and experience peace, wholeness, and wellbeing.

        In her spare time Liz enjoys watching and playing sports, card games and board games, crafts, cooking, gardening, swimming, and boating.

       “Adlerians believe that in order for children to develop into self-confident, healthy adults, they need to know that others have faith in their abilities and that they are accepted for who they are not only what they do” (Sweeney, 2019, p.85).