Erica Fossand

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Graduate student

I am currently working towards my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy with an emphasis on marriage, family, couples, and individuals. My perspective is a systemic thought process that our relationships since birth have impacted our worldviews, beliefs, and relationships. We look at how we got here and what solutions we can formulate to overcome life’s obstacles. The challenges of navigating life can sometimes seem overwhelming and insurmountable, whether you are struggling with life transitions, grief, loss, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, or family dynamics. I will do my best to create a safe, non-judgmental, supportive, and authentic relationship with my clients to honor and facilitate change and growth. I want you to feel seen and heard. I use strength-based models, including Solution Focused, Narrative, and Collaborative Therapy! I am also very passionate about the mind and body connection and incorporate mindfulness, meditation, and movement to those who may find it beneficial in their journey. I firmly believe in the power of relationships to bring about change and healing. I seek to help my clients develop self-awareness, confidence, well-being, and a more profound sense of intimacy and authenticity in relationships. I use an integrative, whole-person approach, incorporating mind, body, and spirit.