Mindy Malone

MS Prelicensed
When times are challenging, you may not feel like you have the energy or strength to navigate challenges or be your true self. You may be experiencing anxiety and/or depression symptoms that make it difficult to function daily. You may want to learn new coping techniques because the ones you know and have implemented are not effective. I currently work with adults (18+) who are experiencing life transitions, depression, and/or anxiety symptoms and apply CBT and DBT-based approaches through person-centered talk-therapy. If you want to be seen, heard, and understood, contact me through the email or phone number provided.
I offer a non-judgmental, caring, positive space for you to be open and express your emotions and thoughts, explore your challenges, start the healing process, and ultimately feel empowered with your abilities to regain your strength to be your true self. I offer in-office and telehealth options. I look forward to connecting with you!