Our Online Telehealth Rooms

We are here for you through telehelath during this Covid-19 Pandemic. Please meet us in our virtual rooms and we will start the call at the time of your appointment. Please ensure that you tell your provider your physical location so we know where you are in the event of an emergency. We are in a private area where nobody will be able to hear or see our private sessions. We are looking forward to meeting with you! Click on the following links to be taken to your room!

(If the room isn’t working properly, we will give you a call and either connect with you via facetime, zoom, hangout, skype, or telephone)

Amber Fuller is @


Katy Karas is @


Jillian Torabpour is using spruce for most visits but if you are meeting with her through doxy she is @


Kimberley Wobschall is @


Ania Scanlan is @


Rachel Dionne is @


Deb Goggins is @


Stephanie Johnson is @