Scott Fisk


My name is Scott, first and foremost I believe that hope is possible and available to every person. Change is difficult, challenging and yet it can be the place where tremendous growth starts and healing takes place. Personally, I have been in therapy on and off and found each experience unique and helpful for that period of my life. I am in recovery from addiction. I have family members who have significant mental, emotional and behavioral health issues. Faith is a huge part of my life and I incorporate it on a daily basis. I am more than willing to work with clients who have similar beliefs, different beliefs or no belief. How faith is incorporated into each session is patient driven. Professionally, I have worked with clients of all walks of life. I have worked in residential treatment centers and outpatient treatment centers. I have worked with people who struggle with substance use, mental health issues and a combination of the two. I enjoy working with individuals, couples and would love to work with entire families. I believe we all have the ability to heal. We are only waiting for the opportunity and the skills to make healing possible. My hobbies include being outside, fishing, hiking, spending time with my children, friends and other family.