Therapyappointment Portal Instructions

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Hello! Thank you for scheduling with us! We know that scheduling a first session can take courage and be difficult and we want to make the process of doing forms easy for you!

You will receive an email from therapyappointment that connects you to the portal where you will put in your info and be connected to our forms.

Here are some helpful tips when completing the portal process:

1. If a dependent is meeting with the provider, please don't change the subsriber info. In order to submit the claim to insurance, we need the "relation" to state "self".

2. We know the list of forms can look daunting! Don't worry, you don't have to do all of them.


3.If you are an adult, we need the following forms from you:

A. Fuller Living Consent Forms

B.Intake Form




F. Phone Calls/Letters/Reports legal agreement

G.Cross Cutting Measures

H. Payment Form


4.If you're a minor, we need the following info completed by a parent:

A. Fuller Living Consent Forms

B.Child and Adolescent Intake Form



E. Payment form

F. Phone Calls/Letters/Reports legal agreement


5.If you're a client of Deb's, please include the following forms in addition to the ones above:

A. Deb Goggin's Fuller Living Consent Form

B. Appointment guidelines and payment policy

6. If you're a client of Sol's please do the following form in addition to the ones from above (due to Sol's physical limitations, he needs to record the session via audio in order to do a thorough assessment, as Sol dictates his notes):

A. Authorization to record intake session

Please contact our admin team if you need any assistance. We are happy to help!