Individual counseling

At Fuller Living, we meet with clients that of ages 5-105! We take a different approach depending on the age of the client, but all of that to say that we have somebody on staff that is qualified to work with practically any issue.

Here are struggles that we often work with:

Anxiety and stress-Are you feeling like the ground may fall out from underneath you? Like you are constantly waiting for something bad to happen? Maybe you have so much going on right now in your life and you feel like you are at your breaking point. Do you have ruminating thoughts that just WON’T GO AWAY!? Do you feel like you’re carrying around a never ending checklist of things that need to get done and like you don’t have enough energy to complete them and feel exhausted from the “list” never going away? Maybe you have difficulty relaxing and getting away from all of the tasks of life. Maybe you struggle with finding a work/life balance.

Perhaps you’re a parent that continues to worry about your children. Are they going to be okay? Am I a good parent? Am I totally failing my kids? Johnny seems a bit out of control, what am I doing wrong?

Or maybe you’re a student struggling with perfectionism and feeling like you have to have it all together. The grades, the job, the significant other.

Maybe you just strive for perfection in all areas of life and find your self on the never ending cycle ride of anxiety and worry.

Whatever your issue might be, we help you escape the anxiety cycle through Cognitive behavioral therapy as well as actively listening and allowing you the space you need to process what it is that you’re going through. We help interrupt your thought patterns so that your feeling of anxiety will change into feelings of hope and energy.

Depression- Are you feeling like a failure? Like you’ve let yourself or your loved ones down? Like no matter what you do it’s never good enough so why try? Do you have difficulty being motivated to accomplish life’s daily tasks? Maybe you have absolutely no energy to do anything. Or you’re irritable on a minute by minute basis. We help walk through this with you through the use of Cognitive behavioral therapy as well as motivational interviewing and helping you take things step by step so that you aren’t overwhelmed with the steps.

Feelings of Purposeless and worthlessness- Maybe you feel like you have no value and no belonging. We help you establish and identify your strengths as well as how to use them in your identified community so that you can feel a sense of purpose and belonging and as a result see your value. Often times when people feel worthless or like they have no purpose, they may experience depression. We help you get out of the rut through identifying with you who you were created to be and your many purposes in life!

Addictions– We help clients break free from addictions to drugs, alcohol, pornography, digital device use, food, work, the list could go on an on. We help clients identify their triggers to their addictions, the purpose of their addictions, and healthy alternatives.

Difficulty adjusting to transitions and hardships

Eating disorders

Children’s behavioral issues-We help parents understand the purpose of their child’s behavior so that the negative behavior can be modified to a healthy behavior thus creating healthy attachment. We also work with kids that experience anxiety, depression, outbursts, whether it be in friendships, school, the community, or wherever. We help empower kids, help them develop skills, and help empower parents to teach their kids different skills.

Relational conflict

Parenting support


Severe and persistent mental illness


Women’s issues

Men’s issues

Post traumatic stress disorder-There are a couple of providers at Fuller Living that work with clients who have a diagnosis of PTSD. Trauma is subjective and what could be traumatic for one person could be nothing to the next. We remove the stereotypes of what we’ve been told trauma is and we focus on the person in front of us and the events that have happened specifically to them that have caused them to be on high alert and extremely anxious. Whether it be a traumatic birthing experience, losing a loved one, being in a car accident, witnessing domestic violence or being in a domestic violent relationship, having a partner cheat on them, going to war (the list is so subjective that it literally could fill up the whole page) we utilize active listening to help you process through this trauma. Some of our providers also use EMDR when helping clients process trauma. We also use an approach where we challenge clients to not run from their fear but rather face their fear, and we walk alongside them while doing this.

Other life struggles

Relationship pain -including marriage, family, dating, friendships, and co-parenting through divorce and post divorce

Mental Health Provider support-including secondary trauma as well as working through suicide of clients-Amber Fuller, LMFT and owner of Fuller Living, has a passion for working with people in the “care professions” who have experienced secondary trauma because of working in their profession. She has experienced going through the loss of clients and because of this has a passion for helping others work through similar issues. She helps clients separate themselves from the actions of others and develop healthy boundaries in the workplace.

Hopelessness & suicidal feelings

Extended and blended family issues

Non-traditional family issues

LGBT issues and struggles

Teenager issues

Career change and life transition


“If you are depressed you are living in the past if you are anxious you are living in the future, if you are at peace, you are living in the present.” —Lao Tzu