Luis Garibay



Understanding that the decision to seek therapeutic support is a step that takes insight and courage, Luis is committed to providing a therapeutic environment to support you and your journey in a caring way. With experience in residential and long-term care facilities, Luis has supported individuals and groups with diverse mental health challenges. He also has developed a particular interest in life areas such as relationships, social dynamics, and individual wellness.

With the accumulation of life experiences including the mental health field and his academic journey, Luis understands the value and practice of putting the person first for their benefit. By incorporating concepts and techniques from DBT, CBT, ACT, and professional guidance, Luis is committed to being an effective helper towards your exploration and development.

Luis is a Christian. His faith anchors his compassion for all those who hurt in some way. He is aware of his own need for spiritual guidance and also appreciates that hope, relief, and comfort come in a variety of forms that are important for many. As a professional within the therapeutic role, his dedication to be helpful is present when working with people from a variety of backgrounds, lifestyles, and belief systems.