Pahnia Vang

Hello! My name is Panhia Vang. I am an intern and current St. Cloud State University graduate student working towards my Clinical Mental Health licensure. Things to know about me are that I value family and embrace my culture and religion. Family is everything to me as well as my culture. I am Hmong and speak both English and Hmong. My journey to becoming a licensed Clinical Mental Health was quite a hurdle, and it required me to take some time to understand myself and what I wanted in life. It wasn’t until I was in my third year as an undergraduate student did I stumble upon a video of Dr. Ramani, who is a clinical psychologist, professor of psychology, and author, which immediately drew me into the world of psychology which I majored as an undergraduate student, moving now to becoming a licensed counselor. My personal difficulties also led me to this field to instill change, support, and help others who are also experiencing difficult and painful times in their life.

Counseling is a place of empowerment, exploring, and a journey to understand self, good and evil, and lived experiences. It is a place of slow processing that, over time, will gradually transform change for the better. Every person is unique and has their own experiences and struggles. You, each as an individual being, have your narratives to tell, share, and be heard. I want to create that space for you to feel welcome and share your stories